Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

A movie of this quality shouldn’t be 4 hours long. Especially with an epilogue that is 2 times longer than Return of the King’s.

In this version of 2017’s Justice League we have a 4 hour runtime with better explanation of the conflict, more battle sequences, more mythology, more slow motion, more Ray Fisher as Cyborg (yes!), etc. The most important thing for fans of the DC Universe and for the Snyders (Zack and Deborah) is that the true vision of the movie was completed for all to see. As the movie goes within the first hour mark, you can already sense the passion for this project by the real autor. Now I never saw the first version because I intelligently just steered away from that mess. So take it from me in advising that you should just watch this version. A truly final version of this movie. That is only if you need to see it of course…

One of the things that I greatly appreciated was the mythology around the source of doom that the heroes eventually will face (here and future movies). It brings a good explanation of how Darkseid (the main conqueror) desires to overtake earth. Including a deeper importance for the civilizations and races from where the heroes come from. There is something there that can really make the DC Universe great with patient baby steps, but sadly they don’t.

Another aspect of the film was the focus on Cyborg’s background and his connection to the doomsday problem. Ray Fisher gave a great performance to where it screams, “I need to have my own Cyborg movie!”. There are no words to describe on how Joss Whedon shamefully minimalized the actor in the first cut because he was the missing nucleus for making most things make sense.

Unfortunately the problems of Snyder films still persist. The dialogue is atrocious. There were more than several lines of dialogue of 4 to 6 words that were eye-rollers. What makes it worse is that the lines were coming from the mouths of Ben Afleck or Ray Fisher (among others), talented actors and actresses (except for Gal Gadot) so that once you hear them you think to yourself, “that is not something they would say” or “that is not something I would say”. The screenplay stood out like a sore thumb. Very cringy.

There are still sequences of random vocal songs that are either to on the nose or just doesn’t mesh well with the visuals. I always felt like a song from Sia was bound to randomly play. Very unnecessary to have these intrusions of songs because you should let the visuals do most of the work in the transitions. If music is needed….. than use instrumental music! It’s not that hard! What also doesn’t do justice for the visuals was the dark tone. I understand that Snyder needs almost everything emo, I mean just look at Superman and how grumpy Bruce Wayne gets when he puts on the suit. I also understand that Snyder wants his movies to have a unified tone for every scene, like a graphic novel. However, highlighted colors (just like in graphic novels!) or just a change in tone for a couple of scenes helps emphasize points of the plot. Since Snyder had this film in a certain ratio for viewers to watch at home (annoying really) then why not lighten the visuals too?

As a whole, Snyder’s cut of Justice League is entertaining, but it shouldn’t be 4 hours. Extended versions of The Kingdom of Heaven and The Lord of the Rings trilogy were masterpieces not only because of their quality, but because they didn’t need such a remix like Justice League needed. In other words, this was more than just an extended version. The holes of this story existed before the first version even came out due to the fact that several of the main heroes did not have their own stand-alone films. It still feels rushed! Joss Whedon is bad and inherited a bad problem. Zack Snyder will continue to be Zack Snyder. It shows that Warner Bros likes to play catch up.

So I give Zack Snyder’s Justice League a 3/5. Again, it is entertaining. Fans of Snyder and the DC Universe will be understandably happy. However, a movie of this quality shouldn’t be 4 hours long. Especially with an epilogue that is 2 times longer than Return of the King’s.

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