The Favourite Review

Yorgos Lanthimos knows how to transition film at an exceptional level and got the best out of the power trio of Stone, Weisz, and Colman. What……a……delight.


I got sold on the film once I saw how majestically ducks were filmed in a particular scene near the beginning of the movie (haha not really). It is a delight of a period piece, and am now finally relieved to have seen this film after the Academy Award nominations were announced. Everything about it was perfectly executed at a pace that engages you into the politics surrounding the story and the emotional tension of the trio. Furthermore, I was surprised on how that played out from start to finish. From the trailers I thought I had it figured out, but honestly it blew away my expectations. And I….had very high expectations because of the buzz for this movie.

Lanthimos builds the story to make you understand the background of all three women leaving no stone unturned when conflict errupts with quick witted dialogue and desperate actions that are filled with aggressive humor. It made me wonder just where Weisz and Stone were going to go with their characters. Both were stellar in their performances. Both could be given empathy and hatred by viewers at different times. While in the center of it all, Colman (as Queen Anne) displayed every type of emotion that is humanely possible! Her expressions could glue your eyes even stronger to the big screen. Also add the unsettling score of a violin alarm (which I thought was a bit too much at times)! All this makes the war of jealousy more entertaining than a war between Britain and France. And perhaps that was one of the points in the story.

In terms of how the film was shot, I admired it. The natural lighting was nice to see and added more to showing the time period. The transitions of some scenes were done with purpose to make you think about the director’s interpretation of the story. Especially the last scene of the movie, it just wraps things up in the best way possible. There are times as well where a constant sound wraps multiple scenes together to also deepen the illustration of the story.

This movie is definitely rewatchable and to me is honestly the best film of 2018.  I give The Favourite a perfect 5/5.



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