Halloween (2018 Film) Review

An honorable return for the slasher film genre and to one of its most recognized faces.


“Oh no not another Michael Myers film.” Did that phrase appear in your thoughts when you heard news of another Halloween movie? It seems as though there is a Halloween movie for each generation. Whether it is a sequel or a remake. I hope you know that this movie is a direct sequel to the original John Carpenter masterpiece. So if you haven’t seen any of the other Halloween movies. Do not worry, because they are not canon anymore. Even thoughthis movie has the same title as the original (which could be confusing), this is not a remake, but a sequel. And a darn good one too.

Nostalgia is a big tool that a film could use to its success. To fail on using it, is miserably awful. Perhaps almost impossible. The film has the return of some characters. Including a few of the crew who worked on the original Halloween. John Carpenter does not direct this film, but his score for it is perfect. The music really brought on the tension to what should be already obvious. The style of font for the title and credits warps you into nostalgia as well. The cinematography, amazing. Good use of shadows and reflections during the killing spree. I mean the whole movie was a love letter to the Halloween story. You can tell that David Gordon Green made sure he made everything how it should be and it fits well with our present time. Although the whole podcasting thing in the movie is a little silly, the mental scars shown by the character of Jamie Lee Curtis is visually felt as a bridge of time. And 40 years….is a long time.

To expand upon performances by the cast. The only performance you will remember will be from Jamie Lee Curtis. She is great in this film! Also the switch of the hunted being the hunter was great. It refreshed things just enough for the story. I just wish the movie could of showed a more of how she copes with PTSD. In how she isolated herself. It would of made the story a lot richer. For the other cast? Michael Myers was portrayed very well and his killing was brutal, but was not over-exaggerated like the Rob Zombie films. It was good. All the victims were not important. The teenage grand-daughter was annoying. You could really care less about everyone except for the two main characters and a few others.

All in all it is a good film, but you don’t really need to watch it at the cinema, but it doesn’t hurt to watch it on the big screen either. If you are a big fan of the genre, you will certainly appreciate it. The film did itself justice.

I give it a 3.5/5.

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