Venom Review

The viewer can choose to either enjoy Venom or reject it entirely. Unlike our protagonist.

I can see why this movie has had mixed reviews from audiences. First lets go through the good of the movie. Tom Hardy. Enough said. This movie would of been like a transformers movie if it wasn’t for him. He does a great job in showing who Eddie Brock is just by his mannerisms. Also the back and forth between him and Venom is actually very entertaining and will make you laugh a fair good amount. The other actors played their roles well. However, I thought Riz Ahmed deserved a better script. I felt as though they could of done more with the antagonist. His henchmen were common film henchmen……meh.

The special effects were great and the fighting scenes were entertaining. Although the editing in those scenes could of showed more. You can also tell that the movie would of benefited more if it was R rated because it is a dark film.

Just don’t expect this movie to be the same level as the other Marvel films because this isn’t a Marvel Entertainment film. It is a Sony film, but for it’s first try I thought it was a fun start to their side of a Marvel Universe.

In general, go watch the movie with low expectations. If you go see the movie with Infinity War level expectations, you will have ruined your enjoyment already. Just enjoy it at the cinema.

So I give this movie a 3.5/5. Let Venom have you and ride the adventure together. That way you will have much appreciation for it.


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